Black Soap

Black Soap (Luxurious)

Black soap in its original state originates from West Africa with local names including Ose Dudu (Yoruba), Ncha Nkota (Igbo) and Alata Samina (Ghana). Used for centuries by locals and many Africans till this day, to maintain healthy skin and counteract several skin conditions. Its basic recipe includes ashes of plantain peels, cocoa pod husks and palm or palm kernel oil, however, there are a number of different recipes and blends some of which are passed down in families. Our in house luxurious version of black soap is infused with a special blend of traditional herbs infused with carrier and essential oils, with honey. Once you use this, there is no going back to regular soap as it cleanses, moisturises and improves skin texture whilst maintaining your complexion. It is 100% natural, no lye and preservative free- thus it is only made to order (allow one week for delivery). 

Note: If you have skin pigmentation problems, desire an even skin tone or have a skin condition such as eczema or acne, we suggest you contact us first for a free consultation to decipher the best herbs & oils (or a bespoke mix), or conventional skin product to use.