Cayenne Tincture

Cayenne Tincture (Capsicum frutescens)

Originally from Zanzibar, but now grown in most tropical and sub-tropical countries. This has traditionally been used as a potent stimulant and appetizer. It may also improve circulation of blood within the circulatory system.

Other Traditional Uses
Relief from chilblains
Stomach upset (pain, cramps and wind)
Migraines & various forms of neuropathy

Adults: 1-3g/ day as a decoction before meals; 500mg powder per day or Tincture 25mls three times daily.

Can cause upper abdominal discomfort (fullness, wind, bloating), epigastric pain and belching
Sweating and flushing of the head and neck can occur
Topically, it can often cause burning, stinging and redness. Discontinue if this happens to you.
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