Clove Bud Oil (Syzygium aromaticum)

Native to Indonesia, but now grown widely in places such as the Philippines and Madagascar. It is rich in Eugenol which is linked to its therapeutic properties and safety profile. It is a powerful antimicrobial essential oil with anti-inflammatory, anaesthetic and anti-histamine activity. It is widely used in dentistry for dental related pain and as an insecticide to repel insects such as mosquitoes.

Adults: Follow instructions with product or use 3 drops to 30mls of carrier oil

Can be very irritating to skin, so use very low concentration
May cause skin sensitisation
Seek medical advice if you have a bleeding disorders 
Keep out of reach of children
Not to be taken internally
Never use on skin undiluted
Seek professional advice if you are pregnant, elderly, using in children or have any medical conditions
10mls - £5.39