DHEa 25mg

DHEA, 25mg Capsules

DHEA, 25mg Capsules

DHEA is an estrogen and testosterone precursor that is believed to promote a wide range of benefits for both men and women. DHEA supports bone health, libido and general vitality. Though considered an unlicensed and prescription only medication in the UK, it has been widely used and recommended as a fertility supplement for several years by leading fertility clinics- both in the UK and internationally.

Some women, especially women in their 40's or under with a low ovarian reserve in particular may benefit from a low dose of DHEA. Several studies have been done which show it may improve the number and quality of eggs, hence pregnancy rates in this group of women when receiving fertilty treatments. In fact one study from the Centre for Human Reproduction in New York showed a doubling of pregnancy rates.

Dose: 25mg three times a day
The best results have been seen when started at least 6 weeks before a fertility treatment cycle, however peak effectiveness is between 16 to 20 weeks

Side Effects: Acne, facial hair growth in women, aggressiveness, irritability and increased estrogen levels

  • In some cases, monitoring of DHEA and Testosterone levels may be appropriate
  • Not for use in under 18's
  • Seek advice from the pharmacist if you're on other medications or have a medical condition
You will need to speak to the Pharmacist to approve this medication to be sent out  to you
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