Fully Comprehensive Health Programme

In our opinion, one size never fits all and our Integrative Health Programmes are designed to support you in developing a personal health plan with SMART related health goals to improve your health and maximise your quality of life. It is holistic, integrative and functional. We will cover the following:

- Lifestyle Analysis
- Behavioural Analysis
- Dietary Advice
- Setting of SMART goals
- Lifestyle Prescription
- Health Improvement Plan
- Medication, Herb & Supplement Advice

For this programme, you get....

- 180 Minutes of Pharmaceutical Care
- An Initial Consult for 45- 60 Minutes
- Individualized Research
- Personalized Action Plan
- 3 Free Mini Consultations (including initial assessment)
- Pharmacy Discount Voucher

Fully Comprehensive- Health Programme - £250.00