Green Tea

Green Tea, Leaf

Green Tea (Camellia Sinesis)

A popular tea that traces its roots to China, contrary to black tea its leaves and buds undergo less processing. It has antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties. There is some evidence that it may reduce total and bad cholesterol as well as lower fasting blood glucose. As a result it can help with diabetes prevention and weight loss. There is also some research to indicate it can reduce the onset of heart disease and improve fertility.

Other Traditional Uses
  • Genital warts (topically)
  • Soften and relieve itching in skin conditions (topically)
  • Maintain cognitive function

  • Side Effects: Constipation, insomnia, increased blood pressure, rashes & liver toxicity
  • Liver toxicity may be related to contaminants
  • More than 8 cups a day is considered excessive
  • Rich in caffeine, so watch out with other stimulants or caffeine containing products
  • Avoid in pregnancy as can reduce folic acid
  • May affect bleeding
  • Seek advise if you have a medical condition or are currently taking any other medications

Other Useful Information
Reported cases of liver toxicity may be due to contaminants rather than the actual herb. Green tea is thought to be a 'well-being' herb as it enhances general well-being and has been used by the Chinese for well over 4000 years!
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