Integrative Well-being Consultation, 1hr

Integrative Well-being Consultation (60 minutes)

The absence of illness doesn't always equate to wellness, as a chronic disease often precedes a period of slow decline in health. Thus if you have or have just been diagnosed with a long term condition such as hypertension, diabetes, HIV or even something as simple as arthritis now is the time to start a personalized health programme. One size never fits all so, let us support you in developing a personal health plan with SMART related health goals to improve your health and maximise your quality of life.

Our Integrative Well-being Consultation is holistic, integrative and functional in that we do a full assessment of your general health & well-being, diet and any medications and supplements you take. We then put this into context with your past and family medical history to help you develop a bespoke health plan with recommendations on herbs, supplements and possible adjustments to your current medication regime where possible.

As part of the service we also offer two free 15-minute follow up consultations (via phone, email or SMS. Charges may be incurred where longer or additional consultations are required.

Integrative Well-being Consultation - £250.00