Lavender, 10ml (Lavandula augustifolia)

Indigenous to the Mediterranean, but now cultivated worldwide this thin and clear oil with a yellow tinge is an all time favourite when it comes to essential oils. It is safe with a wide range of properties and uses for both children and adults. It also blends well with several other essential oils. It has traditionally been used to help fight stress, relax and promote sleep. It has also been used for mental well being in times of anxiety and low mood, fatigue (as a foot soak), migraines, muscular aches and pains, wound healing, head lice, as an insect repellent and to stimulate hair growth.

Although general usage principles can apply, usage is also dependent on indication for using. Contact us for further advice.
Massage (Facial)
Sensitive skin- 3-6 drops per 30mls of carrier oil;
Normal- 6-15 drops per 30mls of carrier oil
Massage/ Body Oils & Creams:
Sensitive skin- 3-6 drops /30mls of carrier oil;
Normal- up to 15 drops/ 30mls of carrier oil

Steam Inhalation: Put 6 drops of oil into boiling water in a bowl on a table, cover your head with a towel and inhale intermittently with eyes closed. If any irritation stop immediately

Direct Inhalation: Put 2-4 drops on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale a few deep breaths at a time as needed; Alternatively use 3- 5 drops in a small bottle, shake and uncap then waft (or sniff) gently under the nose a couple of times at a time as needed

Diffuser: Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Use half the adult concentration under professional supervision
Steam Inhalation: Use 2- 3 drops in boiling water and follow instructions as for adults
Note: Higher amounts should only be used if no effect and under professional guidance

Keep out of reach of children
Not to be taken internally
Never use on skin undiluted
Seek professional advice if you are pregnant, elderly, using in children or have any medical conditions
10mls - £3.60