Lemon (Citrus Limon), 10mls

An uplifting and energizing pale to deep yellow oil that is native to Asia, but now widely grown worldwide. It’s a good choice when trying to clear a room of the smell of cigarette smoke or unpleasant odours. It is considered by some to be a natural antiseptic and has traditionally been used in this capacity. It has also been used for pregnancy- induced nausea and vomiting.

Massage (Facial)
Sensitive skin- 3-6 drops per 30mls of carrier oil;
Normal- 6-15 drops per 30mls of carrier oil
Massage/ Body Oils & Creams:
Sensitive skin- 3-6 drops /30mls of carrier oil;
Normal- up to 15 drops/ 30mls of carrier oil

Direct Inhalation: Put 2-4 drops on a tissue or handkerchief and inhale a few deep breaths at a time as needed; Alternatively use 3- 5 drops in a small bottle, shake and uncap then waft (or sniff) gently under the nose a couple of times at a time as needed

Diffuser: Follow manufacturer’s instructions

Note: Higher amounts should only be used if no effect and under professional guidance

Cold pressed lemon ess oil is phototoxic, so avoid exposure to sunlight
It may cause skin irritation or sensitivity
Keep out of reach of children
Not to be taken internally
Never use on skin undiluted
Seek professional advice if you are pregnant, elderly, using in children or have any medical conditions
10mls - £3.60