Nytol herbal 30

Nytol Herbal Sleeping Tablets, 30

Nytol herbal sleeping tablets contains a blend of herbs- Hops, Valerian and Passion flower which can soothe and aid restful sleep. It is useful when you require temporary relief of sleep disturbances or when symptoms of mild anxiety prevent you from driting to sleep.

Adults and Children Over 12: Take two tablets one hour before bedtime
Children Under 12: Not recommended
Swallow whole with water

Warnings or Precautions
Read enclosed leaflet before use
Do not exceed the stated dose
If you take too many tablets seek medical advice
Consult your pharmacist or doctor if symptoms persist
Avoid alcohol whilst taking this medicine
May cause drowsiness which can persist into the following day, if affected do not drive or operate machinery

Each film coated tablet contains the active ingredients Extract of Hops equivalent to 200 mg, Extract of Valerian equivalent to 160 mg and Extract of Passion Flower equivalent to 130 mg
30 - £5.49