Palm Kernel Oil (Organic & Unrefined)

Palm Kernel Oil (Elaeis guineensi)

One of natures richest trees which is indigenous to West-Africa and referred to locally as Mmanu aki (Igbo), Adin ekuro (Yoruba), Mmayanya (Efik). It has been used across Southern Nigeria for centuries, with the Europeans naming Eastern Nigeria the 'Palm Oil' coast due to the natural abundance of palm trees they found there. For centuries, locals have used every part of the plant for their existence- from cooking local delicacies and drinks to making medicinal products.

Palm Kernel oil is a dark, strong smelling oil derived from the kernels of the trees palm fruits. Semi solid to paste like at room temperature, it is a great alternative to shea butter and is great for maintaining healthy skin as well as aiding hair growth. It is much lighter than shea butter and may be preferable to some as it is not as greasy. Its *strong smell can also be used to overcome body odour, although it may be off putting for some.

*PS: Its strong smell can be masked by using essential oils.
100 g - £2.00