Parsley Seed (Petroselinum sativum/ Petroselinum crispum)- 5mls or 10mls

A light yellow and thin oil, that is native to the Mediterranean but is now widely cultivated in Europe, parts of Asia and California. Its traditional uses include- arthritis, head lice, poor hair growth and pigmentation where its antioxidants and flavonoids are thought to reduce production of melanin.

Massage (Facial)
Sensitive skin- 3-6 drops per 30mls of carrier oil;
Normal- 6-8 drops per 30mls of carrier oil
Massage/ Body Oils & Creams:
Sensitive skin- 3-6 drops /30mls of carrier oil;
Normal- up to 8 drops/ 30mls of carrier oil
Note: Higher amounts should only be used if no effect and under professional guidance

Exercise caution with sunlight exposure during use as it is phototoxic
Avoid excessive or prolonged usage as active constituents- apiol & myristicin can become irritant and toxic 
Keep out of reach of children
Not to be taken internally
Never use on skin undiluted
Seek professional advice if you are pregnant, elderly, using in children or have any medical conditions