Rosehip Shells

Rosehip Shells (Rosa canina)

Rosehip has traditionally been used for coughs, colds and the flu in part due to its extremely rich vitamin C content. When taken fresh, you get up to 1250mg per 100g of herb, although it is likely you will get significantly less when accounting for losses during occuring during drying, processing and storage. It is also useful for joint pain due to its immunosuppresive efffects which involves interfering with the effects of the inflammatory cytokine's (interleukin 1-beta) ability to activate proteins that usually digest and break down joint tissue.

Other Traditional Uses
  • To increase iron uptake
  • High doses up to 40g/ day can decrease total cholesterol

  • May affect activity of several drugs
  • Can interfere with certain disease states
  • Always check if you have a medical condition or are on other medications

Other Useful Information

Rosehip can be used to enhance iron absorption- usually every 200mg will enhance 30mg uptake of iron.

Rosehip is best taken as an infusion with food. It can be mixed with hibiscus and orange juice before chilling for a delicious nutritious and refreshing drink on a hots summer day!
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