Shatavari Root Powder

Shatavari Root Powder (Asparagus racemosus)

Originates in India, where it is now considered endangered due to deforestation and over use. Its traditional name literally means ‘the plant of one hundred roots’ which some say means ‘she who has one hundred husbands’ as its give’s women boundless reserves. It is the ‘Queen’ of herbs for women as it’s a great tonic and adaptogen with a variety of functions. It boosts female health and libido considerably. It is a useful oestrogen regulator and is said to be helpful in regulating the menstrual cycle which means it may be useful in the management of menopausal and pre- menstrual symptoms. It has also been used as a fertility booster. Although not commonly used in men, there is some research to indicate an add on effect with Ashwagandha when used for impotence in men.


Powder:  2.5- 5ml teaspoon twice daily (best taken with milk or food)
Children: Not required

Most relevant research is from animal and laboratory studies
Research suggests it may also have diuretic, insulin secretory and anti-oxidant properties. It may also lower cholesterol and gastric acidity

Contact us if you are taking medications (especially if for sickness, diabetes, contraception or HRT)

Useful Information
Active Components:
Steroidal saponins, such as sarsasapogenin; isoflavones; flavonoids, such as kaempferol; oligosaccharides; and amino acid
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