Fennel Seeds

Sweet Fennel Seeds

Sweet Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Sweet Fennel is native to the southern Mediterranean area, but now grows in the wild in Asia, Europe and North America. The fruits or the seeds can be used orally and the essential oil (diluted) topically.
Traditionally, it has been used to facilitate urination and digestion, reducing constipation, relieving spasms, bloating (gas) and stomach pains. There is also some evidence to support its use for infant colic and painful menstruation

Can cause allergic reactions in those with sensitivities to celery, carrot or mugwort due to similiarities
May increase menstrual flow
It can increase the risk of bleeding & bruising in vulnerable people
Avoid using if you have a hormone sensitive condition e.g. breast/uterine or ovarian cancer

Useful Information
Fennel seeds are also rich in beta- carotene, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and iron