This is a quality but simple and effective home test kit that measures progressive motile sperm count (sperms ability to move). It produces easy to read results within 30 minutes. It is CE accredited and calibrated to current WHO standards.

Key Features
  • Home Test Kit
  • Get results within 30 minutes
  • Accuracy of 96% and 91%
  • Measures Sperm count and Motility
  • CE accredited and calibrated to WHO standards

*SwimCount has a sensitivity of 96% and specificity of 91%. This means that if the test shows that your sperm have more than 5 million motile sperm cells, it is 96% likely that the test result is correct. If the test shows that your sperm have less than 5 million motile sperm cells per ml, it is 91% likely that the result is correct.

**Note: The British Association of Urological Surgeons recommend two tests should be done 3 months apart to check two different cycles of sperm production

Included in Pack:
  • Patented SwimCount testing device
  • Semen collection cup
  • A transfer syringe

Warnings & Cautions
Results may be destroyed if

1. Test is taken too close to the last time of ejaculation
2. There isn't exactly 0.5mls of the semen sample collected in the syringe
3. The device isn't kept steady on a horizontal surface throughout the test
4. If there are bubbles in the sperm when put into the device
5. If the device is shaken
1 Pack - £39.99