We care about you and want to help you have a great quality of life by ensuring you meet your health- related goals. We believe in evidence- based medicine, but also respect the strong history and anecdotal evidence associated with herbs. Conventional Medicine can be life-saving at times, but we also know that they aren’t always the best or only option.

With a wealth of emerging evidence to support the use of herbs and supplements, we believe it is possible for you to have the best of both worlds. Thus, we take an integrative, holistic and functional approach to address your health needs where we advise you on actions to take alongside suitable medicines, herbs or supplements.

We do this through Mini- consultations and, our Comprehensive or Fully Comprehensive  Health Programmes.

Mini- Consultation (10 Mins) Our mini consultation is a general service that enables us to address any specific requests you may have for a minor ailment e.g., aches & pains or minor infections. It is also suitable for specific medication, supplement or herb related queries.

The service is free in principle as we only charge a refundable booking charge for it.

Price: £12.50 per consultation (redeemable against any purchases from us)

*Travel assessments also fall under this category for booking purposes.
AN INTEGRATED APPROACH..... Absence of illness doesn't always equate to Health & Well-being, as long term diseases and reduced body functionality (manifested as infertility, poor libido or immunity) often precede a period of slow decline in health caused by various factors. Its why we believe in a different approach to health, which can be seen in this video.

Our Health and Well-being Programmes are integrative, fully focused, indepth and needs based. As a standard, at the end of our analysis, you will get the following:

- Personalized SMART Related Health Goals
- A Lifestyle Prescription
- A 'HIP' i.e. Health Improvement Plan and
- Medication, Herb & Supplement *Recommendations

We have two needs based options for our Health Programmes.

*See below for details around herbs and supplements we may recommend as part of our programmes

There are two needs based options for our Integrative Health Programmes. If you're unsure of which applies to you, contact us for a free inital assessment.

Fully Comprehensive (£250)

- 180 Minutes of Pharmaceutical Care
- An Initial Consult for 45- 60 Minutes
- Individualized Research
- Personalized Action Plan
- 3 Free Mini Consultations (including initial assessment)
- Pharmacy Discount Voucher

Comprehensive (£125)

- 90 Mins of Pharmaceutical Care
- An Initial Consult for 30 Minutes
- Individualized Research
- Personalised Action Plan
- 2 Free Mini-Consultations (including initial assessment)
- Pharmacy Discount Voucher


*Group Consultations: We offer low cost programmes in the form of small groups to charities and business organisations looking for cost- effective ways to improve the health and well-being of their beneficiaries and clients.

Interested? Then Contact Us for further information.

Herbal Formulas

Sometimes a combination of herbs may be more appropriate for your needs. In such cases we may recommend a ‘Herbal Formula(s)’. Traditionally (limited scientific evidence) these are used to help cleanse, rebuild and balance the body’s ‘ecosystem’ to improve the functioning of various body systems. Anecdotal evidence suggests the formulas may help with various health issues such as stress, sleeping difficulties, menstrual problems, infertility, weight gain, bowel and prostate functioning. Examples of the popular herbal formulas we offer are:

 Adrenal Formula (useful during stressful periods)
 Body Building Formula (i.e. damaged/ weak bones, muscles or tissues)
 Circulatory Cereb. Formula (forgetfulness, senility, fatigue, hair growth)
 Sweet Sleep Formula
 Female Reprod. Formula (menstrual issues)
 Bowel Rejuv Formula (also useful as a detox...)
 Prostate Formula
 Anti-Smoking Formula

If none of the above seem suitable for your needs, then contact us with your specific requirements.

Please Note: Herbal Formulas are made to order therefore we request you order a minimum of 1 week in advance. We also suggest you book a Consultation if you're a first time user to enable us support you in making the right selection.

Individual Formula Prices

Herbal Powder 50g           -      £14.99

Herbal Powder 100g         -      £27

Herbal Capsules x 100      -      £20.99

Individual Herbs

These often contain active principles that affect various body organs and systems, thus helping to adjust different aspects of a symptom or disorder. Their actions tend to be more specific and focused in comparison to herbal formulas. If you are unsure of what herb to get, then contact us for advice.

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Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

We sell a range of carefully picked vitamins, minerals and supplements to prevent illnesses and maintain your health & wellbeing. With so many supplements on the market including low frill versions you would be forgiven for getting confused in selecting appropriate supplements and succumbing to the temptation to source them from the cheapest sources. However, cost is no guarantee of appropriateness, as many are also over priced with little evidence to justify their costs.

As an integrative pharmacy that genuinely cares about your health and wellbeing we have taken the pains to ensure we only provide supplements from reputable sources with evidence to prove they contain what they should in the right formulation to ensure they are absorbed and most important of all, have an impact on your health. As well as offering the right products, we are also here to help you choose the right one. For bespoke and tailored advice book an Integrative Well-being or Mini- Consultation (for which we refund the cost against any purchases you make).

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Oils, Essential Oils & Butters

We sell a range of carrier oils and butters to help maintain good looking and healthy skin!

These can often have essential oils added to them to increase their effect on your skins well-being.

Essential oils in themselves are great for maintaining healthy skin and general wellbeing. However, contrary to popular opinion they are not without their risks and should be used with caution, especially with children, the elderly, those with medical conditions or on medications. Caution should also be applied when trying for a baby, pregnant or if breastfeeding. If you fall into any of these categories but would like to use an essential oil, then we suggest you contact us for further advice.

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