Saxenda® (Liraglutide), commonly know as 'Skinny Jab' or 'Slimming Pen' is a prescription only injection medication clinically proven to promote weight loss. It is indicated in people who are obese with a BMI over 30 or  those who are overweight with additional risk factors such as a mental health disorder or hypertension.

It mimicks a natural substance found in the body called GLP-1 which influences the release of glucagon & insulin. It increases feelings of fullness and satiety, which in turn lowers feelings of hunger & subsequent food consumption which ultimately leads to decreased food intake.

A large global clinical (i.e. The SCALE trial) showed 92% of patients lost up to 8% of their initial body weight over 56 weeks. The *same trial also highlighted its effectiveness in black people and other races as a similar effect was noticed in them. Also noticed was that in comparison to other trials with other weight loss medication, their initial rate of weight loss was the same as that for white people. This indicates that saxenda may help reduce their risk of developing long term diseases in a more timely manner than other weight loss interventions including diet and lifestyle changes alone.

Injected into the stomach area, upper leg or upper arm any time of the day (but at the same time daily).

The first pen can last up to 17 days, the next course with a pack of five pens are likely to last up to 6 weeks, thereafter a pack of 5 pens will last 30 days

Directions: Inject once daily at the same time daily, independent of meal times

  • Use alongside a good diet and regular exercise
  • Do not inject into a vein or muscle
  • Common side effects often subside with time, but include nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea & consitpation
  • Stay well hydrated when using
  • Once opened, use and dispose of within 1 month

  • Store in a refrigerator (2°C–8°C) before use
  • Once opened it can be stored below 30°C or in a fridge (as above)
  • Do not freeze
  • Store away from the freezer compartment
  • Keep the cap on the pen in order to protect from light.

Ingredients: Liraglutide 6mg/ml, Disodium phosphate dihydrate, Propylene glycol, Phenol, Hydrochloric acid (for pH adjustment), Sodium hydroxide (for pH adjustment), Water for injections

*Efficacy and safety of liraglutide 3.0 mg for weight management are similar across races: subgroup analysis across the SCALE and phase II randomized trials. Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism, 2016; 18: 430–435

**NOTE: Evidence suggests Saxenda is more effective when used with the support of a health care professional. Therefore we strongly encourage you to book a Weight Loss Consultation with us, and get your first pen for FREE with a £100 reward incentive if you complete our 3 month Programme! Contact us to find out more!!!