Prescription Services

We dispense private prescriptions, and prescribe & dispense medications associated with the services we provide. In some cases, we may issue you with a prescription to go elsewhere if deemed appropriate.

See our list below for a list of prescription only medicines we regularly keep in stock.
  • NHS Prescriptions: We do not dispense any NHS (green forms) prescriptions here
  • Private Prescriptions (written by other providers): We dispense these on receipt of prescription (you must send in to us), but only keep a range of selected medicines in stock. Check with us for the price before- hand or if the medicine you require isn’t on our list.

Download Prescription Medicines list
Prescribing Private Prescriptions: To optimise safety we only prescribe and dispense prescription only medicines associated with the services we provide. See below for other scenarios. 

Issuing Prescriptions: We offer a *chargeable prescription service whereby we can prescribe and forward a prescription to a pharmacy of your choice for **certain prescription only medicines or for regular repeat medicines (you may be asked for evidence) that you may need but are unable to access in a timely manner such as when travelling or away from home.
* Price to issue a single prescription - £10

** We do not offer this service for medicines subject to abuse or high risk and specialist medicines, in such cases we advise you to contact your GP or visit an urgent care centre.