Black Soap

Black Soap- (Organic & Unrefined)

Originates from West Africa with local names including Ose Dudu (Yoruba), Ncha Nkota (Igbo) and Alata Samina (Ghana). It has been used for centuries by locals and many Africans still use it to maintain healthy skin and counteract several skin conditions. It can also be used to wash the hair and maintain a healthy scalp. It is gentle enough to use on babies as well. Its basic recipe includes ashes of plantain peels, cocoa pod husks and palm or palm kernel oil, however, there are a number of different recipes and blends some of which are passed down in families. Blends may include ashes of palm leaves, shea butter, coconut oil and tropical honey as well as a variety of herbs for medicinal purposes. With no lye, it is 100% natural and its use has recently increased in popularity.

Note: It can be messy to use, so be prepared to clean the bath after using it

200g - £2.50